July 1st Layers of Stitch Meeting

Well not that long before our Surface Stitchery workshop with Brenda Scarman – the fabric, a linen and cotton mix has been dyed – the photo is of the wet fabric on the line. It does look very bright as it is wet – it will dry to more muted softer shades, as can be seen in the photo of the some of the sample squares cut out ready for the workshop.



5 thoughts on “July 1st Layers of Stitch Meeting

    1. Sue Cork

      Got me thinking of possible designs, trouble is which one I want to do!!!!
      Also I wanted to do an update on the frixon pen debate several of us were having at the last meeting, I popped a couple of marked and ironed bits of fabric in the freezer and the pen marks came back! So good if you delete something by accident and want to see it again – not so good on an item that may be subject to cold conditions!!!!

  1. Sue Cork

    It was a really great morning, just a shame I could not stay for the afternoon too.

    It was amazing so many turned up, lovely to spend time with so many like minded women (and one man!), hope the rest of the day went well.

    1. jeanconstance Post author

      Yes, I think we all enjoyed ourselves – I learnt a new stitch that I cannot remember the name of – something alone the lines of knotted cable chain ! Looking forward to seeing all the finished pieces in August.



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